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Hranisava: Feel the Bosnian Wilderness near Sarajevo

Spending summer in the city is certainly not so boring as before, and if the seaside is also far away, we still have the eternally attractive Bosnia mountains and the beauty that deserves admiration and love near Sarajevo.

One beautiful part of the Bosnia wilderness and Sarajevo, the Hranisava (or Malina) crest, is located west of the highest crest of Bjelašnica and stretches in the direction north-east, and is rich with strong springs. Nature and mountain hiking enthusiasts departured to the fairy tale-like, untouched part of Bjelašnica on July 12, and the 14-minute long video is a lure for those who imagine the escape from town as a perfect vacation. They made a circular route to the mountain lodge Stanari.

Those who are interested in exploring Hranisava (1.964 meters above sea level) are recommended to consult with those who know the area, to avoid the unmarked trails and stick with the marked route. On the west of Hranisava is the mountain Preslica, and between them is the deep valley Laništa.

On the east is the deep ravine Mrtvanje, while in the south it gradually turns into the Bjelašnica plateau. Forests on the northern end of Hranisava, as well as on the nearby Igman Mountain , are very dense, due to the abundancy of humidity. Deciduous trees grow in the lower parts, while coniferous trees grow in the higher areas. 


(Source: ST)

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