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How to buy realestate in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The vast majority of Arabs who come to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time feel the incredible closeness to this country because of its natural beauty, greenery and mountain snow, kindness and beauty of its people, its climate, delicious food and affordable standard, and because of its geographical position in the heart of Europe and the presence of an Ottoman-Islamic civilization. When it comes to safety it is, despite the war that ended two decades ago, one of the safest European countries, in contrast to what some would consider for monotone image you have created about her. All these indicate the elements have become a reason and have led to increasing Arab investments, especially those of the Gulf, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a leading real estate investments have a word.


The question that most Arabs sets on arrival is: Do we own a property in this beautiful Muslim country that is from Vienna and Venice, just a few hours away by car?

The answer simply is: Yes, you can own a property in Bosnia and Herzegovina through limited liability company, the company can set up with capital not exceeding € 1,000. Also, you can buy property through companies registered in Bosnia whose activity is exclusively the field of real estate. On the other hand our company  El-Sagir is the only one that could allow foreigners to guarantee all the rights and benefits of the property owner, without starting a business and paying taxes.


Price of realestate in Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on the location, accessibility of services and approaches to the property, or in comparison with other European countries, the prices are quite affordable.

Finally, we added a few points that should be considered when buying real estate in Bosnia:

When shopping include confidential persons.

If you want to build a house or villas or just to invest for reselling, you need to include real estate agency registered for buying realestate in Bosnia in order to get through it the necessary paperwork and permits.

Check the purpose of the property, not the same properties that are purchased for holidays and those that are purchased for construction.

Tips for the end, if you intend to buy in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is the best time for it right now, because prices are rising and demand is increasing, perhaps as early as tomorrow you will not get a chance to buy a property that you like.

"EL SAGIR" d.o.o. Sarajevo is a company founded in 2008 as a result of the founders desire to lead a secure, effective and professional way of real estate transactions, following the example of the most advanced real estate markets abroad.

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