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Proven business model

Proven business model with strong profit margin generation and attractive returns

A strong commitment to maximising profit margins and returns on equity shapes EL-SAGIR planning and decision-making processes. The Company believes it achieves higher profit margins and high returns on equity through:

  • Aggressive project cost management
  • Land acquisitions in prime locations at good value
  • Active capital management
  • Speed of execution
  • Sophisticated and proactive sales and marketing teams
Advanced in-house design

Advanced in-house design, sales, execution, service and hospitality capabilities
Key to EL-SAGIR financial success is its ability to generate strong sales on units in a project from launch. The Company has a number of dedicated in-house teams, including Sales and Marketing, Design, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Acquisitions, which are instrumental in every step of the design, construction and sales process.

Highly experienced management
Highly experienced management team and a committed shareholder
The Company is led by a management team of directors and senior managers with significant experience in the real estate construction industry, as well as in marketing, human resource management, company administration, corporate finance, legal and accounting.

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EL-SAGIR  management offers investors the opportunity to participate in the future growth of a leading luxury property developer in Sarajevo.

The Company has a proven track record of delivery through all market cycles. EL-SAGIR intends for investors to benefit from attractive returns, driven by strong financial results and enhanced margins resulting from the Company’s full development phase business model.

Geographic expansion, across key target markets that are customer led, alongside product innovation, such as co-branded developments with premium brands, ensure that the Company is well positioned for future growth.

"EL SAGIR" d.o.o. Sarajevo is a company founded in 2008 as a result of the founders desire to lead a secure, effective and professional way of real estate transactions, following the example of the most advanced real estate markets abroad.

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