Office in Sarajevo

Apartment in the Sarajevo center is nicely positioned with view on Miljacka River. Unique feature of this apartment is own parking space, rarity in this part of the city. The building is built in Austrian Hungarian period, which is characterised by great quality.

Property description:
Apartment located in the center of Sarajevo
Flat size 90.6 m²
2nd floor
No elevator, but stairs are not steep
Apartment is turned into offices
The building is built in Austrian-Hungarian style
The apartment owns a parking space behind the building, which is a big advantage because it is hard to find parking downtown
The apartment is nicely positioned, one side of the apartment overlooks Miljacka River, and the view of other side is on the Cathedral

90.6 m²

Parking space

2nd floor

Great view

In the center of Sarajevo

Business area

Apartment 90.6 m²

Apartment in Hrasnica

Nice apartment in Hrasnica requires renovation. The building is built in 1952, therefore, is of good quality. Lovely apartment is perfect for smaller families because it is situated in quiet neighbourhood.

Property description:
Apartment at Hrasnica
50 m right from the circular intersection, across the gas station
Apartment size 65 m²
1st floor
Living room, small kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, utility room, 2 balconies and basement
Apartment needs renovation
Building was built in 1952

65 m²

1st floor


Apartment 90.6 m²

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